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Over View Here at Media Backoffice, Inc., we offer digital image processing services for media-related fields such as publishing, advertising and e-commerce. Starting from the early 2000s, the global offshoring industry grew and expanded rapidly until around 2005.Amid increasing overseas outsourcing by companies around the world, we chose to specialize in the field of digital image processing services and have continued to develop relevant frameworks and systems that enable us to provide the best services possible. In particular, our establishment of a new, wholly-owned subsidiary in India gave a significant boost to our performance in quality, cost and delivery (QCD), equipping us with a corporate framework to provide even better service to our customers. Moving forward, we intend to continue our pursuit of even greater service value.
Kirinuki: Digital Image Editing Services Website Kirinuki is Japan's biggest image processing service provider. With a large portion of clients from the printing, e-commerce and media industries, Kirinuki's services are utilized by more than 7,700 companies large and small. Digital image editing is time-consuming and is not cost-efficient, so let us handle such tasks on your behalf at low prices!
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Operational Frameworks Large-scale operations in India and Japan 2 bases of operation Successful Delivery Rate: 94.4% On-time Deliveries: 116,435 / Total Jobs Accepted: 123,317 220 employees Processing Jobs Completed Per Day: 15,870 Processing Jobs Completed Per Year: 2,993,667
Large-scale operations in Southern India Boasting world-leading cost competitiveness
Using High-Efficiency IT Systems to Deliver On Time
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High SLA in both India and Japan by fully redundant infrastructure Japan Business operations via large-scale cloud service provided by / Fully equipped with active-standby file servers / Duplex high-speed Internet networks / Various network devices fully equipped with cold standby system India Fully equipped with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and emergency-use private power generation equipment / High-speed Internet (three carriers, five connections) / Server-cluster enterprise system  / HA (High Availability)
Technical supervision by highly experienced Japanese staff with experience working in printing/prepress, e-commerce and other fields
Customer support in Japanese by Japanese staff
Our Activities in India Our company's ties with India are deep-reaching and varied. In addition to joint enterprises in Ahmadabad, Gujarat and Bangalore, Karnataka, we established our first wholly-owned base of operations in Tumkur, Karnataka in 2012, and currently have two offices with 200 employees in total. Moving forward, we plan to pursue long-term business activities through contributions to the local society.
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Corporate Profile
Head Office

Company NameMedia Backoffice, Inc

Head Office LocationNakagawa Bldg. 8F, 3-31-1 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 113-0034
Tel: +81-3-5818-8800 (main number)

Representative DirectorKenichiro Watanabe

IncorporationDecember 1, 2006

FoundingAugust 28, 2006

Business OperationsDigital image processing services

Capital\58,770,000 (including subsidiaries)


India Office

Company NameMedia Backoffice India Private Limited

India Office LocationNo. 6/14, Primrose Road, Guruppa Avenue,
Bangalore, Karnataka- 560025

FoundingApril 1, 2012

Business OperationsDigital image processing services



Head Office

Nakagawa Bldg. 8F, 3-31-1 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 113-0034
Tel: +81-3-5818-8800 (main number)
Closest station: 1 min. on foot from Yushima Station
(Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line)

India Head Office

No. 6/14, Primrose Road,
Guruppa Avenue, Bangalore,
Karnataka 560025

India Branch Office No. 1

No.46/P1, NH-206,
BH Road, Gubbi Town,
Tumkur District 572216

India Branch Office No. 2

No.2854/3115, MG Road,
Gubbi Town,
Tumkur District 572216